The “Artisans at work” experience


Visiting an artisan’s workshop is a special opportunity for discovering a trade and chatting with a person who lives and works in the area that you’re exploring. This is a window on the community, its lifestyle, economy, history, and culture – an experience that essentially takes you deep to its very soul.


Take advantage of the artisans’ warm welcome and the opportunity to talk with them. Get to know each other, share, and talk about the craft to which they are so devoted. You will be delighted by this genuine human contact.




These artisans open the doors to their world for you. Enjoy the moment in these enchanting places. Take the time to appreciate the work that has been accomplished. Learn about the manufacturing process, from raw material to the final product or about practices of yesteryear and how they have evolved today, with due respect for the heritage that they help to preserve.




Discover the traditional manufacturing models and unique products that are made right there in the workshop. You will be surprised by the deep history underlying this know-how, and above all, you’ll discover the artisans’ personal narratives. They all have amazing stories to tell.




In all Économusées, you will find one or more works of famous artists, preferably local, who draw inspiration from the artisan’s craft.




Learn more about the practices, techniques, and methods that are part of a heritage. Participate in an interactive and authentic cultural experience: learning, testing, tasting, creating, breathing scents, listening, handling, sharing, discovering, being surprised, seeing, and feeling are all part of the activities, as well as a genuine hands-on experience.



Stopping at the boutique is an essential part of your visit. It gives you a chance to make the experience live on by taking away a small, or large, part of the artisan’s work. In so doing, you also participate in the perpetuation of his or her know-how.