Québec, March 16th 2020



Camille Castonguay
Head of Communications, Marketing and Corporate Affairs
The ÉCONOMUSÉE® network society and ARF Québec

1040, avenue Belvédère, bureau 100
Québec (Québec)  Canada G1S 3G3


The ÉCONOMUSÉE® network society  and the Association des Agences Réceptives et Forfaitistes du Québec (ARF Québec) who have been sharing human resources for a few years, are proud to welcome Mrs. Camille Castonguay as head of communications, marketing and corporate affairs since March 16th 2020.

Camille holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration with a marketing profile and is also in a part time master’s level program in communication on the new medias. She has four years of experience in the tourist industry. In fact, she has been in the past few years, marketing director of Baie-James and Eeyou Istchee regional tourism associations and tourism marketing counselor for the MRC de La Jacques-Cartier giving her a great expertise in Quebec tourism industry and with news ways of doing web marketing. Her main tasks will be to convey the brands of the two organizations in all content, social channels and other communication tools, to increase the feeling of belonging to the Quebec and international network among all artisans members at the ENS, to represent the ENS and the ARF on various events, to support both general directors and to ensure communications with members.

Camille will certainly be able to use her knowledge while using her dynamism and her interpersonal skills within the two growing associations.

About the ÉCONOMUSÉE® network society : Founded in 1992, after having been active  in Québec (Canada) for over 25 years, the ÉCONOMUSÉE® Network Society (ENS) became an international non-profit company, working together with numerous partners sharing  the same goals − the continuation of traditional trades and know-how in the field of high-quality crafts and the agri-food sector. The organization’s head office is in Québec. The ENS is a key actor in matters relating to the enhancement of traditional know-how. It oversees the development and sustainability of Québec économusées and draws on their outreach to support and coordinate économusée development around the world. For more information:

About the Association des Agences réceptives et forfaitistes du Québec (ARF Québec) :  Founded on April 11st, 2008 and after consultation with several tourism stakeholders, the Association professionnelle des Réceptiifs et des Forfaitistes du Québec (ARF-Québec) received its mandate to bring together the travel agencies and receptives of Quebec that are organizing trips to Quebec for clienteles in Quebec and elsewhere, to raise awareness among clienteles, governments and partners in the strategic and economic importance of their roles and helping their members perform better in terms of service quality, ridership and profitability. For more information, please contact: