Animal fibre craft: mohair ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Mid-June to mid-October

Monday to Saturday   9 h – 16 h

Mid-October to mid-June
Upon reservation

Free visits (fees apply)
Guided tours for groups upon reservation (minimum 8 persons)
Educational workshops (minimum 20 persons)


Chevrier du Nord is an agricultural business raising Angora goats on family land to meet a growing demand for textile fabric. Mohair, the fleece produced by these goats, is used firstly for the creation of yarns, various fabrics which at the end of the manufacturing stages will become clothes designed by Annie Pilote. In 2000, with their parents, Annie and her brother Régis, an agronomist, founded the company, which today processes an animal fibre that is silky, glossy, resistant, and three times warmer than wool. The artisans innovate in the production of fabrics that are velvety, woven, knitted, crocheted, and more. On site you can pet the mischievous and curious goats and follow the manufacturing stages of these unique pieces of clothing. From toques to socks, right through to coats, there are all sorts of products at your disposal to keep you warm both in winter and during summer’s cool nights!


Le Chevrier du Nord
71, rang Saint-Joseph
Saint-Fulgence, QC G0V 1S0

T 418 590-2755