Visiting an artisan's workshop allows you to go behind the scenes and actually speak to someone who lives, breathes, and works in the location you are visiting. It opens a window to the community, its lifestyle, economy, history and culture - in essence, it lets you peek into the soul of the community.

Watching a product be transformed from raw materials to high quality uniquely-made craft or agri-food product gives you a memory to take away from this encounter. Each product tells a story and you become the witness to that story as you engage with the artisan. You realize immediately that you are not in the presence of products brought in from somewhere else and simply placed on a shelf but instead, you are watching something being exquisitely created before your eyes. As the artisan employs some form of traditional know-how, you feel the depth of history and local culture unfold in front of you.

We invite you to meet our artisans. Create your own authentic memories by engaging with local artisans and getting to know their cultural creativity.