Our heritage is a manifestation of our past and within it, we find such a vast plethora of lessons, knowledge and values. If anything were to be honoured by the title “the DNA of the Present,” perhaps it should be our heritage. As such, the Économusée® Network is a brilliant conduit for knowledge from our highly skilled artisans to visitors seeking to enrich their lives with contemporary products that may serve as the embodiment of centuries of skills and expertise.

The ultimate strength of our ÉCONOMUSÉE® artisans is their links to their local society. Whilst their products may grace the tables of the pinnacle of international society, such as the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, their claims to a clearly defined terroir are incontestable.

Time and time again, our artisans act as role models for those aspiring to become young entrepreneurs. Artisans aim to help retain young people in communities where no future seems to exist unless employed in traditional male-oriented jobs.

My new role as a Member of the Norwegian Parliament has reinforced my view of the significance of the ÉCONOMUSÉE® Network as a vehicle to safeguard our heritage.