Visiting an artisan’s workshop is a special opportunity to discover a trade and to immerse yourself in the very soul of a local community. It provides a window into the community’s culture, history, lifestyle and economy. Discover the best that British Columbia has to offer!




Take advantage of the warm welcome and generosity of our artisans.

Get to know each other, share and talk about the craft to which they are so devoted.

All of our artisans have their own story to tell!

You will be amazed by their inspiring journeys, and you will discover how their passion and generosity have made each one of them a cornerstone of their community.


By welcoming you into their world, our artisans invite you to discover and learn about the manufacturing process, from raw materials to the final product, as well as the practices of yesteryear and how they have evolved, all with utmost respect for the heritage that they are helping to preserve.

Participate in an interactive and authentic cultural experience: seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, listening, handling, learning, sharing… These are all part of the ÉCONOMUSÉE experience! Each visit is an opportunity to celebrate your senses.

Make the ÉCONOMUSÉE experience live on… at home!

The artisan’s boutique is not to be missed. There you will find authentic products made on the premises and reflecting the local culture and craftsmanship. By purchasing an item, not only will you support the artisan’s work, but you will also help to preserve and perpetuate a heritage.