For over 25 years, the ÉCONOMUSÉE Network Society (ENS) has supported artisan business owners in developing high quality distinctive tourist products, through an integrated support system.

The ENS coordinates financing to enable its members to transform their workshops into ÉCONOMUSÉEs, and it promotes experiential tourism and outreach activities that ensure the sustainable economic development of artisans pursuing an entrepreneurial path.



Preserving traditional knowledge to enhance cultural diversity.


Through their trades, artisans carry on the history and tradition, and often even a part of the cultural identity of a village, region or country.

Through their ability to preserve an intangible heritage, artisans are vital contributors to promoting and safeguarding forms of knowledge that both reflect local identity and contribute to cultural outreach in a globalized world.

Developing local entrepreneurship to nurture communities


Artisans are true generators of wealth who contribute to the vitality of the communities in which they are located.

They are dynamic contributors to their region because they create direct and indirect jobs, and they buy locally and invest regularly in infrastructures and equipment. Artisans represent a real hotbed of entrepreneurs.

Promoting a sustainable consumption pattern

Artisans offer production that is local, close at hand and of unique quality, designed to meet the needs of consumers who are fully aware of the impacts of their choices.

Members of the ÉCONOMUSÉE Network provide a healthier and more sustainable alternative to large-scale industrial production.

Promoting experiential cultural tourism


The ÉCONOMUSÉES contribute to developing a differential heritage, offering a different pattern of consumption and inspiring entrepreneurship through direct contact between members of the public and the artisans.

The ÉCONOMUSÉE concept is part of a dynamic agritourism and experiential cultural tourism approach that focuses on authentic and interactive experiences.



BC ÉCONOMUSÉE Network Society


Founded in 2019, the BC ÉCONOMUSÉE Network Society was specifically commissioned to develop the ÉCONOMUSÉE Network in British Columbia.

With five members already operating in various industries throughout the province, the BC ÉCONOMUSÉE Network is expanding and is developing new ÉCONOMUSÉES, particularly in the Kootenays.

Our mission is to help artisans in British Columbia to promote and pass on their artisanal know-how, by developing their business as a tourist asset. The province benefits from a rich, diverse and dynamic pool of artisans. We are committed to helping them to thrive, locally and internationally, by providing them with economic and strategic support, while preserving and developing the local culture.”  Vincent Deslauriers, Executive Director of the BCENS

Where does the word “ÉCONOMUSÉE” come from?


From an etymological point of view, the word points to the two concerns of our initiatives. First of all, “econo” highlights the importance of profitability and efficiency for a business, and “museology” alludes to the cultural and educational dimensions that make the ÉCONOMUSÉES original and unique.